360 Fly vs. Ricoh Theta

360 Fly


This review on the 360 camera is in reference the experiences of a man in WTAMU Comm department named Buck. He shared his experiences and expertise after owning and operating the 360 Fly camera.

The 360 Fly has poor audio capabilities, therefore if you want audio to your videos you have to lay a track over the recording to make it sounds good. This device needs to have the capability of capturing clear, live audio on the device so that it is already synced with footage taken.

The phone app is completely different than the computer editing desktop app. Desktop app is for editing and YouTube posting. The app is slow when linking up, so you got to be patient.

Perhaps making the app more useful for posting and editing would make the system more user friendly. The 360 editor wont lay audio track over footage. You have to drag the video into Premier.

The company should work towards unifying the filming and the editing process.

One other issue is that it is physically difficult to attach and detach the camera to the accessories.

Over all Buck gave it 3 out of 5 stars for app, camera and computer program together. He gave 4 out of 5 stars on camera alone (not quality audio).

Many famous athletes have turned to the 360 Fly to showcase their talents.

“My success has been driven by innovation and doing things that have never been done before, which is exactly what 360fly is doing with their incredible camera.”

-Terry Adams, BMX Flatland


Ricoh Theta


The review of the Ricoh Theta 360 camera is in reference to Kris Drumheller who took the camera to Greece and London.

She says that you still have to walk around and rotate to get the best 360 view. The forward focus point on the fish eye lens is the main focus of the shot.

The Recho Theta camera doesn’t allow you to see the pictures you took until you download it to a computer. It would be better if it had a small display screen or if it could be synced to your phone to see what the fish eye lens sees.

This camera picks up a lot of wind noise. Better audio pick up would make the camera more useful for engaging videos.

The stick you attach it to is too big and bulky and if you opt out on using the “weapon like” extension then your arm gets tired holding it above your head.

The fish eye lenses are fragile and require extra caution. Perhaps a stronger material around the fish eye lens would be beneficial for travelers in rough areas.

The battery is excellent. She never had to charge the camera the entire trip. The website says it is supposed to last an hour but it lasted more for her.

Overall this camera is only useful and worth the money for travel. School plays, dance recitals and other single focus events would not require the 360 view.

Examples of the Ricoh Theta photography in the website’s gallery show that it produces clear, high quality footage.




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