Being Alive vs. Living: The battle fought out through Live Tweeting



In class we were introduced to live tweeting as Karen Freberg lectured us in a video call. We were told to live Tweet during her lecture and highlight important points.It was during this process that I realized just how distracting  and surface level this Twitter update charade was.

While trying to condense her insightful points in under 140 characters, I found myself more focused on my own thing and not paying attention to the great advice Karen had to share.

I feel I missed at least 40% of the lecture and this truly showed in the post survey we took. Rather than being more engaged in the conversation, it actually pulled me away.

We as a society spend a great portion of our time with our heads buried in our phones or computers. We have lost the skill of interpersonal communication and good listening skills. Our attention spans are much shorter and our emotional connection with people is very shallow.

This applies to live Tweeting. By turning our focus to our phones rather than the person in front of us, we are distancing ourselves and disconnecting from the fundamentals of communication.

Gestures like looking people in the eyes, taking hats off when shaking hands or as a sign of respect in a building, opening doors for those around us and being fully present in conversation are dying habits.

Many are slowly loosing our simple roots by being caught up in the new age. Number of followers or friends online now defines success and happiness. Online interaction exceeds interpersonal interaction.

I can’t tell you how many of my friends refuse to call someone for information because they rather find it online. They are scared to make a phone call and talk to a stranger regarding closing times, product info, reservations or other company information.

Many pizza companies even allow mobile pizza ordering so you never have to talk to another human.

For another assignment I had to live tweet a televised event. I chose the premier of The Bachelorlette. This is one of my all time favorite shows, and for that reason I regret live tweeting it.

This pulled me away from the show and made me miss many major and hilarious parts.

After conquering these two assignments, I vow to myself to be fully present and fully aware in my future lectures, conversations and Bachelorette episodes.

I’d rather live in the moment an fully experience each situation at hand. Social media is important and has it’s place, but its place is always second to the present.


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