With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility


In the great words of everyone’s favorite Uncle Ben, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Social media and technology has given our society great power. Power to spread news within seconds of an event occurring, power to build an expansive reputation, power to market and outreach to consumers like never before and the power that comes with the limitless capabilities the internet holds.

Social Media has greatly changed the way we communicate, market, interact and stay connected with the world. However, with these exciting benefits comes the need for social responsibility.

Chapter two of What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube by Eric Qualman covers testimonies and stories of individuals that failed to be responsible with their media connections.

Of these testimonies many people lost their jobs, their freedom, their families, their good reputations and in some cases even their own life.

With the constant inflow of messages and media blowing up our phones we often get immersed and obsessed with keeping up with it. But doing this while driving harms not only you but others on the road. Irresponsibly using your phone while driving may lead to severe injury or death.

Posting distasteful content on personal pages can lead to other grave consequences. Racist and sexist comments along with offensive language can lead to loosing your job and disgracing your company.

Individuals must be responsible about how they present themselves and the digital footprints they leave behind. What we post is a reflection of who we are,and what we stand for. Negative posts are not only harmful to oneself but to their team, social group, workplace and families.

Threatening and offensive content can lead to jail time, school expulsion and  being fired from a job. With the rate of school shootings increasing it leaves law officials no choice but to act on online threats.

Cyber bullying is irresponsible and dangerous. People are mean, but when they have a little screen to hide behind they can become ruthless. This violence online has lead to numerous suicides and mental disorders.

It is time we take responsibility. It is time we harness the power of media and use it for good.

We can rise together and choose to use social media in a positive and constructive manor. Communicating, marketing and networking positively. We can stand up and be Social Media Superheroes! Strive to be the ones that put a stop to cyber bullying, irresponsible  content and the dangers of texting while driving.



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