It’s Not What You know, But Who You Know

In Eric Qualman’s book, What Happens On Campus Stays on YouTube, readers learn not only about social media but about themselves. This book is full of life advice along with media etiquette. This goes to show that integrity and reputation go hand in hand offline as well as online.

Good reputation= Good network

A major point in the first chapter covers the idea of how your network online and offline can lead to your long term success. A few of these tips include:

  1.  Network before you need your network
  2. Face-2-Face cannot be replaced
  3. The power of a letter
  4. Join your campus community online
  5. You represent your school, organization, team and family
  6. Be a Baker not an Eater
  7. Surround yourself with success
  8. Teach and train your fellow students, friends and family

Surrounding yourself with successful people influences who you are and how you are inspired. It’s important to maintain relationships with people in your network that you may need a favor from later. People don’t like to feel used, so calling only when you need something is not your best move.



Joining your campus community ensures that you are connected with individuals in your own community. Having a broad network leads to more connections.

The quality of your network is more important than the quantity. Maintaining relationships and  solidifying relationships online as well as offline ensures quality and closeness. Face-to-face conversations can never beat the impersonal online connections. Writing letters are another great way to show you care and want to connect.

“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”

-Russell Simmons


“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

-Oprah Winfrey

This works both ways. If you want good people to surround you, then you yourself must rise to the standards in which you have set for others. By being a baker rather than an eater, it means to provide more than you consume. Always be a helpful asset to your network.



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